Your identity is your most valuable business asset. We love the huge challenge it is to distill EVERYTHING your company represents down to a few simple marks. Let's make sure you have a logo system that powers your brand. Click on recent logo designs below for a closer look! 

Our Logo Design Process

Bring your monster to life

Think about it. The logo design process is essentially taking an infinite number of design possibilities in the universe and, in a short amount of time, selecting one. And not just one. A really good one. And it has to be so good that it makes you money. Branding firms do this any number of ways. Our logo design method is generally a 5-phase* method that flows something like this:


We ask plenty of Qs to kick things off. Poking and prodding you to fully understand your brand.

Concept Development & Pitch

We take our understanding of your brand into the shop to grind and hammer out one concept we believe will win. Then we'll pitch that to you in writing along with some other visual themes that you can easily pass around the office. It will come to you as a link to a lightweight webpage.


Once a written concept is approved, we sketch and even start pushing pixels around. You'll likely receive preliminary design(s) to make sure we're translating the approved concepts into YOUR design language. This is where the project trajectory is set.

Design Drafts

After we both know we're on track visually, it takes a few rounds to iterate the vision and narrow options. We first settle on a black & white logomark design. Then on to the wordmark design. Then we introduce color. 


After a winning design is selected, you'll receive deliverables. Final files will be ready for print and digital applications, and you will own the art.**

*The entire process may take just a couple of days, or it could take a month or two. Or three. Generally speaking, two or three weeks is our sweet spot but plan accordingly for longer.

**We reserve the right to use any logo designs we make for clients to promote our own company. We do not sign branding NDAs.